Seattle Mini Maker Faire

Please visit the Official webpage of Seattle Mini Maker Faire.  On the official web site you can volunteer or apply to exhibit your stuff as a Maker at Seattle Mini Maker Faire!

Seattle Mini Maker FaireMark your calendars for Seattle Mini Maker Faire on June 2nd and 3rd, 2012!   Maker Faire brings together families and individuals to celebrate the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset and showcase all kinds of incredible projects. At Maker Faire, you’ll find arts and crafts, science and engineering, food and music, fire and water but what makes this event special is that all these interesting projects and smart, creative people belong together.

Our goal is to engage the public with interactive exhibits, hands-on workshops, fun demonstrations and opportunities to collaborate.

Collaboration and Creation

In addition to booths and workshops, we would like to enable ad-hoc collaboration and creation.  We envision a space where participants are encouraged by facilitators to bring together different skills to create something new.  Creative people will have the opportunity to brainstorm projects with each other and plan a project that is bigger and more innovative than they could have made alone.  For this ad-hoc collaboration space, we want to partner closely with the people who operate workshop spaces year round, including Metrix Create Space, Jigsaw Renaissance, Hazard Factory, Stitches and others.

Maker Booths and Vending

We want you to show your stuff and share your skills!  In the spirit of DIY, we will make an open call for makers!  If you want to run a booth or showcase your creation, then you will need to apply through a form on the official website (see link at top of page).  In your application, we’ll ask you for pictures, drawings and descriptions of the stuff you make.  We’ll ask how you plan to interact with the public and share your inspiration.  It would be fantastic if you also offered hands-on experiences to the public.  Perhaps you could help people make something at your booth or in the workshop room.

Status as of January, 2012

Status as of January: The License Agreement is signed and I’ve launched the official website!

Status as of November: Mark your calendars!  We’re in the process of filling out a rental agreement with the Seattle Center to rent the Rainier Room and Olympic Room on June 2nd and 3rd, 2012.  The Pacific Science Center is putting on a Science Expo on June 2nd.  Together we hope to attract 10,000 people to the Seattle Center in the first weekend in June!  We hope to have the rental agreement with Seattle Center signed by early February.  I have to acquire Fire Department permits and a huge insurance policy.  Paperwork is fun!  Actually, the permits are all online.

We’re also waiting on a new License agreement from the Maker Faire home office.   We expect to sign the agreement by January and launch the branded website soon after.

In other news, Robot Fun Industries is now a licensed business in the state of Washington.  The robots started manufacturing fun last week.  You had fun last week didn’t you?  Thank the robots.

Status as of September: initial budget presented to Ignition Northwest and Maker Faire.  Three venues being considered and evaluated for availability, space for different types of makers, ventelation, sinks, parking, etc. Three venues: Youngstown Cultral Arts center is available only on Saturdays, so an event held at that location would take place on Friday afternoon through Saturday, and not Sunday.  Other venues are available for the whole weekend, but cost more per hour and don’t have a commercial kitchen for cooking workshops.  Some local Community Colleges have nice spaces with great parking, but the price is a little higher.  I’ve contacted the Seattle Public Schools about possibly renting one of the old schools which are now closed.  The old airplane hangar at Magnuson park is an interesting option that needs more research due to some changes to the space happening this year.

Click here to Get Involved and Volunteer to help make Seattle Mini Maker Faire!

Click here for information on how to exhibit your stuff, host a workshop, or deliver a presentation at Seattle Mini Maker Faire!


2 Responses to Seattle Mini Maker Faire

  1. Carol Hazlett says:

    Hi Christin,
    I wanted to get together with someone from Maker Faire. I am on the committee for Seattle Robotics Society Robothon this year and we will be sharing the Seattle Center with you on June 2nd & 3rd. The two different shows are very synergistic and it would be nice to co-ordinate with you guys, as we will both be attracting the same kind of people. How could I contact you or anyone from Maker Faire on this subject? Than you.

    • Christin says:

      Carol – Are you set on the date? I am concerned about dividing the audience and makers between our two events. Wouldn’t it be great to have multiple robot related events spread out on the calendar, rather than just one day of cool science stuff in the summer of 2012? I’d love to have more science events in the Northwest! It seems there’s a music festival every weekend, but not a lot of other things for adults and families to experience.


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