Project Resources

Do yourself a favor and buy the Maker’s Notebook from Amazon.  It has pages of references and resources. 

On this page I will list my favorite places to get information and parts for projects in my blog. 


Step by step project descriptions:

Make: Projects How to harvest useful parts from electronic junk.  How to determine what exactly you’ve harvested and how to use it.  Many links to external sites (many university pages) with tutorials and clear explanations.

Shopping for parts and kits:

Vetco online or drive to Bellevue, Washington.  Vetco has lots of new, overstock and salvaged parts.  The best thing about Vetco is the staff!  They’re a bunch of Baby Boomers with a lifetime of electronic experience and an attitude like they work at the town’s general store.  So charming in a world of big box stores and incompetent retail clerks! is the retail branch of the Solarbotics, and offers really competitive pricing on low voltage parts for efficient battery or solar powered projects.

Adafruit Industries has great kits and the founder kinda looks like me, so we’re like soul sisters or something.  I especially liked the Motor Party Pack.  It’s not a party without DC motors and servos!

Local Maker Spaces and Tool Rentals around Seattle:

Metrix Create Space open noon to midnight, affordable rates on CNC, laser cutter, soldering room

Hazard Factory welding classes and metal work

Jigsaw Renaissance 

West Seattle Tool Library, why buy when you can rent!

Student Research and Development for teens and young adults

Coyote Central for teens and young adults


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