Robot Art: Glitch Machine

Almost as much fun as building real robots, is drawing robots.  Designing robots is so much fun!  When I mentored a FIRST Technology Challenge team last year, we needed a mascot for our bot and a nice t-shirt design.  The kids and I sketched ideas on the whiteboard, then sent pictures of our sketch to my brother, who teaches art in Croatia.  Here is the final drawing from Jason Donald Boyd, art teacher, musician, and man of the world:

Robot Art: glitch machine full color

By Jason Donald Boyd, click to view larger image

This image is protected by the Creative Commons license 3.0.  If you copy and use this image in any way, online or printed, you must attribute the image to Jason Donald Boyd.


About Christin

I build robots as a hobby and I work with software as my career. Last year I mentored a FIRST Robotics team, Team XBot. I worked at Microsoft for 11 years in such roles as developer tech support, Developer Evangelist, and Program Manager in Visual Studio.
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